Sunday, April 10, 2011


Growing up, we lived in 10 houses. T-E-N. Only one of those houses did we live in for more than 3 years. That's an average of a new house every 2.2 years. (dang, Chris' nerdiness is rubbing off on me)

Fast forward to married life and Chris and I have been married for 13 years and lived in 3 houses. We've lived in the current one for 6 years. I'm about to break a Cowell record here, folks.

I moved so much as a child that we never had to make updates or improvements to our homes since we just bought a new one every 2 years or so. Being here for 6 years makes me look around and see that my house is in need of some tough love. Painting needs to be done. Faucets originally installed in the house 10 years ago need to be replaced. The 1/2 inch aluminum blinds should probably be updated--although the bend slats at the ends and the clang of the blinds when it's windy is awfully endearing. Basically, I need to take our house from crap to crap-tastic.

What's intereting is that the things on Chris' updates list are nothing like those on mine. He felt the deck needed to be restained yesterday. Not on my list at all. Refinishing the wood floor in the entryway? Not even a scribble on his list. So, for the next few years, please pardon our dust as we take turns on the update list and in no particular order, fix our house.

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