Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tardy to the Party

So it's April 21, 2012 and I am updating the 'ole bloggy blog after no activity since 2009.  This was our Christmas picture for 2011 that I didn't make copies of and didn't mail to people.  You're welcome.

The tribe is functioning at full capacity with Luke turning 10 this past week and Isaac reaching 8 in March.  10 years old? For real? I remember turning 10.  I better be on my A-game now because from this moment forward, my kids are gonna remember stuff from their childhood. 

As a funny comparison, when I turned 10, my parents gave me a birthday party at TILT in the Dalton, GA mall.  Luke had a video game party for his 10th birthday with the game truck coming to our house.  Is there even arcades in malls anymore?

Off to celebrate my favorite nephew's 3rd birthday in a couple hours.  My how time has flown by.

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